Unattended Vehicle Parking

Leaving Your Vehicle Unattended On University Property

If you are leaving your vehicle during the interim time between the end of spring semester and your return for summer school, you must follow these instructions:

  • If you have freshman or sophomore permits, you must park in the bottom of Student Drive Sophomore Lot (Z2). Parking in the upper area of the sophomore lot is not permitted, as this area is used for parking during Commencement.
  • If you have resident upperclassmen permits, you must leave your vehicle in the bottom tier of Lot J, behind Collins and South Halls. Parking in other areas on campus is not permitted, as they are needed for Commencement.
  • If you live off-campus, then you cannot leave your vehicle on-campus. You must park at your residence.

If you are not attending summer school and have the need to leave your vehicle on-campus while you are home for the summer:

  • Your car must be registered. The cost of a permit is $100 per session.
  • If you have the annual permit that expires August 12, 2019, then you do not need to purchase a permit – park in the designated location listed below.
  • If your permit expires May 20, 2019, you will need to register with Transportation and Parking services before you leave campus and park only in the designated location.

Designated Parking Location For Summer:

You must park ONLY in the gravel lot in Lot Q. If you do not follow this requirement, please know that if your vehicle needs to be towed to the gravel lot, it will be at your expense.

Please make sure your contact information (Cell Phone #) is current on your student account. Wake Forest University is not responsible for damage or the loss of your vehicle or its contents while parked on campus.