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Gray Line Schedule

Modified Gray Line Summer Schedule

Printable Gray Line Schedule & Map

Gray Line Day Schedule (See link above for summer schedule)

During the academic year, first departure at 6:58 am, last departure at 6:58 pm

Stop #Stop LocationDeparture Times 
1Student Drive - Stop 1xx:28xx:58
2Student Drive - Stop 2xx:30xx:00
3Winston Salem First Church Lotxx:33xx:03
4Bus Stop Shelterxx:37xx:07
5UCC Entrancexx:43xx:13
6UCC Satellite / Freshman Lotxx:45xx:15
7Bus Stop Shelterxx:55xx:25

Gray Line Evening Schedule (No service after Friday, May at 8:00 p.m.)

During the academic year, route starts at 7:30 pm, last loop starts at 2:30 am

No Service between 11:00 pm – 11:30 pm (Driver Break)

Stop #Shuttle Stop LocationDeparture TimeDeparture Time
1ZSR Library
Front Entrance 
2North Campus Apartments
at Allen Easley and Aaron Lane 
3Polo/Martin/Student Apts/Dogwood/Magnolia
Front of parking lot R2
4Student Drive – Stop 1
Bus shelter in lower lot
5Student Drive – Stop 2
Bus shelter in lower lot
6Winston Salem First Church Lot
Call Box / Shuttle Sign 
7Palmer / Piccolo
Lot U near building entrance 
8Reynolds Gymnasium
Front Entrance on Wingate Rd. 
9Johnson / Luter
Front Entrance on Gulley Dr.