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Browse the topics below for more information and answers to Transportation & Parking Services’ most frequently asked questions.

General FAQs

  • How do I register my car?

    If you are a student or employee, you can create an account or log into your existing WFU Parking Portal account and click on “personal” or you can register from the Transportation and Parking Services website. Temporary vehicles, replacement vehicles or other special circumstances will require you to come to the Transportation and Parking Services office to register. Visitors must come to the Transportation and Parking Services office. Students and employees must present a valid and legible WFUID to pick up permits.

  • If I get a different car, what do I need to do?

    You must remove the gate pass and rear parking permit from the vehicle that you will no longer drive to campus and return the permits to the Transportation and Parking Services office to get a replacement set for $25. You cannot complete this process online.

  • What if I need to drive another vehicle temporarily?

    Students who do not have a registered vehicle for the academic year can purchase a temporary permit for up to two weeks at a cost of $20. If you have a temporary vehicle, you must register the vehicle with the Transportation and Parking Services office. If you have a registered vehicle and will be using a different vehicle for a short period of time (up to 2 weeks), there is no charge for a temporary permit. You can receive 2 temporary permits per semester.

  • Why would I recieve a citation?

    The most frequent citations issued include:

    1. Having an off-campus permit and being parked on campus during restricted hours. (8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday)
    2. Not registering your vehicle. (Citation costs will escalate)
    3. Parking in a fire lane for any reason.
    4. Parking in reserved spaces or parking lots that are for permits other than yours.
    5. Parking in handicapped spaces without a placard or using a placard that is not issued to you. Handicapped spaces are state mandated and enforceable by University Police as well.

    You can be cited for more than one violation at a time. Parking Rules and Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether class is in session or not.

  • My permit is for Winston-Salem First Church lot, but the lot is always full. What should I do?

    There are two lots on each side of Long Drive. On the church side (east of Long Drive), you have Lot B. When you turn into that lot, keep to the right of the driveway. Parking is prohibited on the left side of the driveway. Lot A is on the west side of Long Drive. Signs identify where student parking stops in that Lot. Be cautious, as signs mark a “sophomore only” section in that lot.

  • How do I appeal a citation?

    All appeals are filed online from the parking portal through your parking account. The first level appeal must be submitted 14 of the citation issue date.

    Second-level appeals must be submitted 7 days after the first-level appeal decision.

    To appeal any citations, you must first login to your parking account. If you pull up the citation prior to logging in, you will not see the appeal option.

  • How do I pay a citation?

    WFU faculty, staff, visitors, concessionaires, vendors or others, may pay citation charges in one of two ways:

    Student citation fines are automatically charged to their student financial account.

    • Check or Money Order in the Transportation and Parking Services in Alumni Hall or by mail to: Wake Forest University, Parking and Transportation, PO Box 7244, Winston Salem, NC 27106. Check should be made payable to Wake Forest University.
    • With a valid credit card, you may pay your citation online. You will need your citation number and your license plate number to pay the citation.
  • Where can I find Wake Line Shuttle schedules?

    Visit Ride the Wake to find shuttle routes and schedules.

  • Where can visitors park?

    One-time visitors can park in any general or visitor space/lot. 

    Frequent visitors, meaning here more than once, must register for a parking permit through the Transportation and Parking Office.

  • What if I cannot safely move my vehicle?

    Contact the Transportation & Parking Services office to request a “do not ticket”. Information for “do not ticket” requests can be found in the Rules and Regulations in section 2.18

  • What lots are reserved 24/7?

    Lot C is a visitor-only lot 

    Lot D is an employee-only lot

  • How do I access my parking account?

    You can access your parking account through the WFU Parking Portal. or through the google apps in your Wake Forest email.

Faculty/Staff FAQs