Summer Parking

Summer Parking Information:

  • Any resident student with a vehicle that is left unattended for any part of the summer must park in Lot J, located behind Collins/South resident halls. Your vehicle must be registered to be parked/left on campus, whether or not you are in class.
  • Anyone with a spring only parking permit (prefix of OCP, SOP, FRP, RSP, CSP) which expires May 31, 2014, and wishes to park on campus this summer, must purchase summer parking permits to avoid citations.
  • Summer permits for session 1 and sessions 1 and 2 combined will be available on-line beginning May 20, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Session 2 permits will be available July 1, 2014.
  • Your vehicle must be registered to be parked or left on campus, whether whether or not you are in class.

As a reminder, students must register their vehicle for summer sessions, if their permit expires May 31, 2014 or you have the Satellite lot (SP) permit for the UCC lot and want to park on-campus for the summer.

If you have questions, please contact Parking and Transportation at 336-758-PARK.

Summer Vehicle Registration

All vehicles operating on Wake Forest University’s Reynolda campus must be registered with the Parking and Transportation office within 24 business hours of arriving on campus. Vehicles are not considered registered unless the permits are applied to the vehicle as instructed on the permits. Enforcement of the Parking Rules and Regulations is affect 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, whether class is in session or not. All permits must be picked up from the Parking and Transportation office located in Alumni Hall. No permits are mailed for summer school.

Summer School Parking:

  • If you have an annual permit (RS, CS, OC, FR, SO) that expires August 15, 2014, you are allowed to park on campus for the summer and there is no additional charge.
  • Satellite (SP) permits that were free of charge must continue to adhere to the restriction of not parking on-campus between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.
  • All 2014 spring only parking permits expire 5/31/14. Anyone with the permit prefix of OCP, FRP, SOP, RSP and CSP must re-register, if enrolled in summer classes or have a need to park on campus during the summer. Contact Parking and Transportation for more information.
  • Sophomore students who paid for an academic year permit to park at the UCC lot as a sophomore permit overflow, can change their permit to on-campus parking at no charge.
  • Sophomore students who were issued SP permits for UCC overflow for spring only, will need to pay for summer parking permits if they want to park on campus.

Summer Employment

If you are not in classes, but will be working on campus during the summer, your vehicle must be registered to park on campus. If you do not have a permit for the academic year, have a spring only permit or the free SP permit, there will be no cost for your permits to park for the summer, as long as you are not in classes. Bring a document on letter head from the department you will be working for to verify that you will be working in that department. The document should have a beginning and ending date of employment. You must come to the parking office to register. Permits for summer employment are not available online.

Online Vehicle Registration

All vehicles, both for residential and commuting students, must be registered with the Parking and Transportation office if parking during the summer. Vehicles are registered online through the Parking and Transportation website. Click on “Register Vehicle”, log in with your WIN log-in and then click on “Purchase Permit”.

  • The registration fee for four-wheel vehicles is $75 for each summer session.
  • The summer registration fee for motorcycles and other two-wheel, motor-driven vehicles is $20 for each summer session. (Please note that motorcycles/two-wheel, motor-driven vehicles cannot be registered online.)
  • Vehicles brought to campus in mid semester must be registered.
  • Temporary cars must be registered in the Parking and Transportation office.
  • Fees are nonrefundable.

Students who plan to park off campus at the UCC student lot must register for a permit for that particular location. During summer sessions of class, shuttle service is not offered at Winston Salem First Church or Reynolda Village, but UCC shuttle will continue to run on a modified schedule

Parking and Transportation office is located in Alumni Hall, Room 138. Lobby hours are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Phone: 336.758.PARK.