Visitor Parking Information

Alumni, parents, student visitors and visitors must go to the Parking and Transportation office to obtain a visitor parking pass.

Where do visitors park?
Visitors can park in any general or visitor parking lot on campus.

Campus Parking Map

Do I need to register my vehicle?

If you are visiting campus for one day, you do not need to register with our office. Park in any general or visitor lot.
If you will be on campus more than one day, you will need to visit the Parking and Transportation Office to obtain a parking permit.

What if I am a parent of a student, visiting a student or alumni?

You can register in the Parking and Transportation office. A parking pass that is valid for either a one-time visit or for the semester (if you are a returning frequent visitor) will be issued for you to park. There is no charge for this permit to park in general lots. Avoid reserved parking spaces.